Pine Cone Fire Starters

Real pine cones, wrapped with a wick and dipped in scented paraffin wax. One pine cone placed among the wood will start a fire quickly and without residue. No fireplace? They also look great in a bowl or basket as a festive decor item.

Small Squares

Designed to look as good as they smell with accents of glitter, sugar sprinkles, nutmeg, and more! These reusable 1.8 oz votive containers burn for 15-20 hours. A popular gift for teachers, Secret Santas, and coworkers.

Holiday Containers

Traditional holiday fragrances such as Sugar Cookie, Candy Cane, Frasier Fir, Cinnamon & Clove, Gingerbread, Pumpkin Pie, and more. Available in a  variety of decorative, reusable ceramic and glass containers.

"Man Candles"

Give the truly unique gift of a Mt Dew,  Frozen Margarita or Bacon candle. New scents for this year are Pina Colada, Cedar, Leather Jacket, and Pipe Smoke.

Odor Neutralizers

The classics Agave Nectar, Orange Guava, and Island Breeze now have new friends: Mango Berry Tea and Seaside Cotton.

Featured Products

Lavender and Rose Botanicals

Wonderfully natural floral scent from the real buds and petals infused into the wax.  The travel tins make great wedding favors.